Minnesota State Champions 2000 & 2003. Runner up 2015

Bloomington Jefferson Man Up Club


Columbia Team ($500+)

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White Team ($100+)

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Club Level ($10+)

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Man Up Club is an extension of the Jefferson Boys Lacrosse fundraising efforts and an opportunity for JagLax alumni, fans, friends, and family to help support the program. Make your donation today!

Dear Friends of Jefferson Boys Lacrosse,

It’s time to Man-Up! We call on all friends of Jefferson Boys Lacrosse to champion the 2023 JagLax Man-Up Club. Preparations for the 26th season include all the components for which JagLax is known: character development, athletic ability, lacrosse IQ, and team chemistry. We want the grand tradition of JagLax to continue and to reward the hard work and desire to get out there and play, so...


Excited Jaguars in 2022

The Jefferson Boys Lacrosse Team is asking for your support again this year. Please become a member of the 2023 JagLax Man-Up Club with a donation of $25.00 or more to help offset the cost of training, equipment, and coaching as we plan for this season.

As always, we recognize donations of $25 or more on the Jefferson Boys Lacrosse website. Gifts of $100.00 or more will receive special recognition as members of the JagLax Columbia Team.

You can donate by sending a check made payable to "Jefferson Boys Lacrosse" to PO Box 385222, Bloomington, MN 55438. Alternatively, you can donate to the Man-Up Club and support Jefferson Boys Lacrosse via PayPal here. Please share your street address when you donate as we would like to send a thank you note in appreciation for your support.

Follow us on Instagram (@JagLax98) and Twitter (@JagLax98) as we show our love for JagLax this 2023 season!

Thank you!
JagLax players and Booster Club

Donations are requested annually, but can be made at any time of the year. All raised funds help to offset the cost of training, equipment, and coaching for the current season.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and can receive your tax-deductible donations. If you need of a receipt, please email us here.

Bloomington Jefferson Man Up

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Man Up Donations


Columbia Team ($100+)

  • The Baker Family
  • The Gilbert/Kellen Family
  • The Gehant Family
  • Ryan Graff
  • Sharon Howat
  • David Johnson
  • The McCarthy Family
  • The Miller Family
  • The Mittelstaedt Family
  • The Olander Family
  • Princeton Oppong
  • The Ulzik Family
  • The Schwalbach Family
  • Norma Schaefer
  • The Washington Family
  • The Weiler Family
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Man-Up Club ($25+)

  • Mark Bontrager
  • The Lindman Family
  • The Ringquist Family
  • Gregory Schaefer
  • The Wammer Family
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