Minnesota State Champions 2000 & 2003. Runner up 2015

Top Scorers by Year

Year Player Goals Assists Total Points
2021Aydan Rathsabandith281442
Cody Ringquist28028
Hunter Payer12820
Kevin Graff12618
2020No games played
2019Benny Henry222143
Max Ritchie32739
Aydan Rathsabandith171734
2018Carson Jacobs191635
Blake Camuel141327
Princeton Oppong131427
2017Blake Camuel26935
Wes Wolfe191635
Princeton Oppong17724
2016Ryan Graff445195
Weiland Parrish321951
Jay Johnson281240
2015Ryan Graff5744101
Joey Eggleston492675
Malik Ekpenyong35742
Weiland Parrish261440
2014Ryan Graff411051
Nolan Miles241842
Joey Eggleston161127
2013Ryan Graff293463
Nolan Miles231437
Joey Eggleston261036
2012Jack Tolkinen141731
Nolan Miles171229
2011Jack Straus191231
Ryan Weiss15924
Alec Purcell15419
2010Eric Alm81321
Ty Hakala16218
2009TJ Gallus355186
Bjorn Knutson473178
Cody Hendricks412364
2008TJ Gallus272552
Cody Hendricks172340
Bjorn Knutson221537
2007Alex Wesenberg351449
Bjorn Knutson121022
Cody Hendricks111021
2006Alex Wesenberg171431
Andrew Larson91423
Sam Farrington10919
2005Joey Olander361955
Alex Wesenberg201939
Andrew Larson101020
2004Max Mittelstaedt301848
Joey Olander221941
Bryce Reme111930
2003Andy Haugen292049
Johnny Erickson42446
Max Mittelstaedt271542
2002Johnny Erickson24125
Andy Haugen51823
Nick VanWagner15621
2001Zach Johnson20626
Nick VanWagner20222
2000Matt Mathiason241943
Zach Johnson18624
Chandler Nault19423
1999Jimmy Haugen14418
Matt Mathiason13417
1998Jimmy Haugen9615
Matt Mathiason6410

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