Minnesota State Champions 2000 & 2003. Runner up 2015

Individual Page for Scott Cater

Year Award/Honor Type
2022Head Coach -- 25th year
2021Head Coach -- 24th year
2020Head Coach -- 23rd year
2019Head Coach -- 22nd year
2018USLacrosse Man of the Year
2018Head Coach -- 21st year
2017Head Coach -- 20th year
2016Section 6 Coach of the Year
2016Head Coach -- 19th year
2015Head Coach -- 18th year
2014Head Coach -- 17th year
2013Head Coach -- 16th year
2012Head Coach -- 15th year
2011Head Coach -- 14th year
2010Head Coach -- 13th year
2009Head Coach -- 12th year
2008Head Coach -- 11th year
20073M Excellence in Coaching Award
2007Head Coach -- 10th year
2006Head Coach -- 9th year
2005Head Coach -- 8th year
2004Head Coach -- 7th year
2003Coach of the Year
2003Head Coach -- 6th year
2002Head Coach -- 5th year
2001Head Coach -- 4th year
2000Head Coach -- 3rd year
1999Head Coach -- 2nd year
1998Head Coach -- 1st year