Minnesota State Champions 2000 & 2003. Runner up 2015

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Are you a student at Jefferson who is interested in playing lacrosse this school year? If you did not play for Jefferson last year, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out this survey and we will get in touch with you. Thanks!


cynbadmedia has posted pictures of several varsity and junior varsity games here.


Dear Friends of Jefferson Boys Lacrosse,

It’s time to Man-Up!

As you know, the 2020 season was canceled. The subsequent COVID shutdowns have limited our typical sources of fundraising.


We call on all Friends of Jefferson Boys Lacrosse to SHOW THE LOVE and support the JagLax Man-Up Club in 2021.

The 24th season’s preparation includes all the pieces JagLax is known for—character development, athletic ability, lacrosse IQ, and team chemistry in new and creative ways. We want the grand tradition of JagLax to continue in much the same way as it always has. We want to reward the boy’s hard work in these unprecedented times and desire to get out there and play! But without our traditional fundraising sources, WE NEED YOU to SHOW THE LOVE! Help us get back on the field!

Jags celebrating Jags saving

The Jefferson Boys Lacrosse Team is asking for your support again this year. Become a member of the 2021 JagLax Man-Up Club with a donation of $25.00 or more to help offset the cost of training, equipment, and coaching as we plan for this unprecedented 2021 season.

As always, we recognize donations of $25 or more on the Jefferson Boys Lacrosse Website. Gifts of $100.00 or more will receive special recognition as members of the esteemed JagLax Columbia Team.

We have made the entire process contact-free. You can donate to the Man-Up Club and support Jefferson Boys Lacrosse by accessing our web site and clicking on the donate button or just click donate below.

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Be sure to select the “share my mailing address” box when you pay so we can send you a thank you. Your address and personal information will not be sold or used for any purpose other than a thank you.

AND, follow us on Instagram (@JagLax98) and Twitter (@JagLax98) as we show the love for JagLax in the next few months. We’d love to have your notes of encouragement and likes there as well.

Thank you!

JagLax Players and Booster Club


200th All-time Program Win photo

Jefferson's April 12th Victory over Farmington was an extraordinary one for Jefferson Boys Lacrosse as it marked the program's 200th All-Time Win. The team's 200 victories include both MSHSL and Club games which started being documented back in 1998 as Coach Cater introduced the game of lacrosse to the high school. Of the Jaguar's 21 seasons of competition, 16 have ended with winning records. The single most triumphant year came in 2015 when the season closed tallying 18 wins, including a run at the State Championship. The second highest total for wins in a single season is 13, and the Jags have realized that achievement an amazing 5 times! 200 wins is a distinct accomplishment earned by our entire program including alumni, coaches, parents & school faculty. What's most impressive-keeping in mind that the annual number of regular season games played is only 13-is that it was done in a mere 21 seasons. At this time we would like to thank both past and present Jefferson players for their contributions to this acheivment.


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