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JagLax News and Updates: Catch up on all the latest events and information for Bloomington Jefferson Boys Lacrosse.


Winter Training

Winter training will start on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, at the Savage Dome. All Winter Training events have been loaded into TeamSnap. We need a signed waiver for this season for you to participate. Waivers can be found here for those under 18 and here for those who turn 18 before June 15th, 2023.

Jefferson Boys Lacrosse Fall PAC Presentation

The presentation from the Parent, Athlete, Coach (PAC) meeting can be viewed here.


TeamSnap is the primary calendar for Jefferson Boys Lacrosse. If your player is not yet connected on TeamSnap, have him contact Coach Cater from his school email. His email address is scater@isd271.org. Once your player accepts the invitation, he can include parents and guardians to connect through TeamSnap.

Justin Linde 1989-2022

Jaguar Captain and Goalie, Justin Linde, passed away July 25, 2022 after a four and a half year battle against acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His obituary can be found here: https://www.washburn-mcreavy.com/obituaries/Justin-Linde/#!/Obituary.

JagLax Media

As photos become available for JagLax games, you will find them on our Media page.

JagLax in the Press, May 24

Sun Current posted this article about Jefferson Boys Lacrosse.

JagLax in the Press, May 4

Sun Current posted this article about Jefferson Boys Lacrosse.

JagLax in the Press, April 20

MN Lacrosse Hub posted this article about Jefferson Boys Lacrosse.

JagLax in the Press

The Sun Current published this article about Jefferson Boys Lacrosse.

Dear Friends of Jefferson Boys Lacrosse,

A new season is upon us and it’s time again to Man Up!


We call on all friends of Jefferson Boys Lacrosse to SHOW THE LOVE by joining the JagLax Man Up Club in 2022.

Preparation for the 25th season includes all the pieces JagLax is known for—character development, athletic ability, lacrosse IQ, and team chemistry in new and creative ways. We want the grand tradition of JagLax to continue as it always has.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, lacrosse has seen a reduction in numbers of participants (source: Star Tribune via MN Lacrosse Hub). Additionally, we have learned that some of our competitors have had to co-op this season. Burnsville has joined Kennedy while Apple Valley has joined Eastview. We ask for your assistance in ensuring this does not happen to the Jefferson Jaguars. With your financial support, we believe we can do just that.

The Jefferson Boys Lacrosse Team is asking for your support again this year. Become a member of the 2022 JagLax Man Up Club with a donation of $25.00 or more to help offset the cost of training, equipment, and coaching as we plan for the 2022 season. Your generous contribution will help us with offerings like training in winter, offsetting the startup costs for new players, and recognizing our seniors.

As always, we recognize donations of $25 or more on the Jefferson Boys Lacrosse Website. Gifts of $100.00 or more will receive special recognition as members of the esteemed JagLax Columbia Team.

To donate, please write a check to "Jefferson Boys Lacrosse" and mail it to P.O. Box 385222, Bloomington, MN 55438.

Curious about Jefferson Lacrosse?

Are you a student at Jefferson who is interested in playing lacrosse this school year? If you did not play for Jefferson last year, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out this survey and we will get in touch with you. Thanks! Note: If you are looking for information for the girls lacrosse team, please reach out to the Jefferson Girls Lacrosse Booster Club by emailing jhsglpresident@gmail.com.